Privacy policy

Last update: 06.05.2019

About your privacy

Helso Oy and its partners value and are committed to protecting your privacy.

This document explains how we use cookies to collect data about how our visitors use our site. The document also explains how we collect and use personally identifiable information on our website.

Your agreement with the terms listed in this privacy policy is assumed if you agree to our privacy policy and our use of cookies or resume browsing the website as normal after having been given the prompt alerting you of our privacy policy on your first page load.

If you have questions about how we use and store information about you, how we protect your privacy, want to request a copy of your personal data or request that information about you is changed or removed; you may contact us at

Data controller

Dani Wenberg
Helso Oy
Västanbynkuja 3
10600 Tammisaari

What data we collect

By using our services, you agree to us collecting the following information in order to be able to provide our services:

Personally identifiable data
  • First and last name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Your IP-address
Collecting of personally identifiable information

We only collect the personally identifiable information which you provide us with, with your consent and in the context of being able to provide our services.
We only collect your IP-address in a way where it can be related to your identity when you insert or request personally identifiable information on our website. This is done for security reasons in order to protect us from abuse of our services and is never used as analytic information.

When using our services, we may also use tools to collect:

Non-personally identifiable user information
  • Which web browser you are using
  • Information about your device, such as operating system and screen size
  • Which of our pages you have visited
  • The length of your visit
  • When you visited
  • Miscellaneous diagnostic data

Non-personally identifiable information may contain a pseudonymous number identifier, which cannot be connected to your identity.

How we store your data

Data is stored on Helso’s servers. The data controller’s database and files are protected with technological protective measurements commonly used in the industry. The right to use the registry requires a personal username and password which will only be entrusted to members of the data controller’s staff which require this access to fulfil their tasks.

How long we store data

We only store personal data for as long as required to be able to provide our users with the services described in this document.

How we use personally identifiable information

We only use personal data to contact our customers and to carry out customer orders. We may also use personal data to fulfil legal obligations according to law or as response to a legal process, such as a court order or a lawsuit.

What rights you have

Users have the right to insight of the personal data which has been collected of them as well as the right to request editing of erroneous information or deletion of data.

How we use cookies and other tracking technologies

A cookie is a small text file which we send you and is saved by your device onto your web browser.

About cookies on the European Commission’s website:

We make use of cookies to facilitate your use of our services and to customise certain parts of our content.

Cookies are also used to help us understand how you use our website, which web browser you are using as well as to identify how you arrived at our website.

We make use of tracking technologies to collect anonymous visitor data. This statistical data does not contain personal information. IP-addresses and personally identifiable information are not stored in context of analytical information about your behaviour on our website and can thus not be linked to your identity.

We may use third party cookies to assist our collection of visitor metrics and to improve the functionality of our website. We may also use third party cookies to facilitate advertising of our website online. These files come from our advertisement providers and user metrics providers and help us understand which users may be interested in advertisements about us or which advertisements have led users to our website as well as to understand how visitors use our website in order to improve our services.

We primarily utilise Google Analytics to aggregate user metrics.

When information about you is collected on our website by third parties, you are subject to the respective party’s privacy policy.

You can find Google’s privacy policy at the following address:

How we share personal data with third parties

Generally, we do not share personal data with third parties, with the following excetpions:

  • In the event of a purchase or merger of our company. Information we have stored of our users; anonymous and personally identifiable, may be transferred to a buyer of our company or to another company in the event of a purchase, merger, successor or other purchases as a part of our assets.
  • We share your personal data with law enforcement authorities only if we see it as necessary for us to fulfil our obligations according to law or as a response to a valid legal process, like a court order or a lawsuit.
  • With your express consent from case to case to allow us to share personally identifiable information.

How you can decline cookies and tracking of anonymous information

If you want anonymous information of you on our website to be forgotten, you can delete cookies related to our website from your device, for example through your web browser.

You can also adjust the settings of your web browser to not allow cookies from us or third parties on our website to be stored on your computer. While this makes it impossible for us and third parties to use cookies to track information about you on our website, it also means that your personal settings on our website will be forgotten and the functionality of our website may be worsened and that you cannot remain logged in to our website between page loads, which makes some functionality impossible for us to provide.

Changing of our privacy policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy without notice. We will always provide the date of the last update of our privacy policy at the beginning of this document.